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We are back with the verve to create the next edition of the Wellbeing area at Love Supreme. Excited and happy to say that the growth will mean a larger yoga space and a dedicated team of therapists. Be part of this cool jazz festival in the gorgeous area of Glynde with us. Namaste

Please read our general information before applying.

Independent therapist

Individual applicants must apply with a high quality structure that they bring themselves.

Please read our independent therapist information before applying to work as a independent therapist.

independent therapist

Communal therapist

Gathering a group of 5 therapists to work in the Communal Geodome called the Pamper dome.

Please read our communal therapist information before applying to work as a communal therapist.

communal therapist

Workshop leader

2018 Workshops will be in a beautiful yoga salon which can hold classes up to 30 people.

Please read our workshop leader information before applying to work as a workshop leader.

workshop leader

Crew member

Build, Break and show time crew will be asked to give 10 hours in exchange for a weekend ticket to Love Supreme. We pride ourselves on creating a wonderful easy and relaxed feeling through the friendly and kind hearted staff.

Please read our crew member information before applying to work as a crew member.

crew member